Friday, 7 June 2013

My Training Activity

it was an amazing place in Kuala Lumpur since this is my 1st time came to this place...i do really surprised there still a preserved jungle out there...hope the authorities could play their role in order to keep this place remain for the next generations...what i can say is dat, as early as 7am in the morning, there was a big crowd ( like having fiesta ) juz to have their fresh breathtaking in the jungle- walking/ jogging/ cycling  which is a healthy activities among the Malaysian.  A group of mine had a "nasty" hilly training which the route is really challenging...juz enjoy guyz

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Mines Charity Run 2013

its not just a running , but theres a lot more to do with dis activity...alhamdulillah, i have contributed some donation through the registration fees that cos me RM35...its not about money, but as a Malaysian, im proud to be a donator to those who need it...its part of my job and as Muslim as well to contribute some of our income for charity...On 2nd June 2013, 730am... the event begin

its a warming up session..aerobic, need to recall my clubbing skills recently...hahahaa
as usual, im in the front row as a compliment as a top runner....hahaha...second from left... leading the way....please catch me if u can :)

running in towards the housing area, and theres a lot of doggy around..need to burst my turbo 
to escape from it!

 oraitttt..with some injuries on my legs, i manged to finished at 30'15" distance of 5KM

nyummy medal

 thanks for this horse for letting me his "HORSEPOWER"
 with running buddies

Monday, 27 May 2013

Larian Ekiden 2013

 My achievement for ekiden run 2013 this year....hope to be better next year insyaAllah

One To Zooommmmmmm...i blast off my nitrogen + heksogen + voltswagen in the starting line..yeahhhhh

 Top 20, Rank 18....what a great achievement for my "The Flying Eagle 2013" Men Open Category

hip hipppp hurayyy!